Favorite every day wear cottagecore/fantasy dresses

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My favorite boots-


Amazing belt 


The TikTok cottagecore dress

Cream puff sleeve 



Stary night dress- 10/10


Button dress- had to button all these buttons but it’s cute and plan to use it for personal and cosplay use I cut off the tassels 


Mini dress 10/10 so cute one of my favorites 



Wrap dress 10/10 took me a while to find the hole for the strap to make it wrap lol but so freaking cute 


 Gypsy vibes dress 10/10 obsessed I did have the loosen the strings around the neck to pull it down to show off the ladies a little more but it’s to your preference if you’d rather cover up more.


blue floral 10/10 one of my favorites 


 Puff sleeve mini- cute/sexy cottagecore vibes for me, thin but cute. 


 Lace up mini- you have to lace it yourself but worth it. It’s thin but I don’t mind.


Wine slit dress- slightly different then product photo with cut line at chest but still super cute